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A Compliance Pest Control & Cleaning Company in Bangladesh

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.  is Approved by the Department of Agriculture and fully compliant with the requirements for Operating Commercial Pest Control & Cleaning Services which are environmentally-friendly and Species Specific Pest Control and Cleaning products, Methodologies and Appliances.

HACCP Complying Standard in Pest Control

Alternatives to Toxic Countermeasures Pest Control is Well Planned, Food Graded, Volatile, Having Zero Chances to Detect Toxicity, Industrial Standard, Hygienic, Pesticidal Measures For Household and Commercial Pest Management is Environmentally-friendly, Harmless for Health, Residue Free, Encapsulated & Premium in Quality & Registered As Public Health Pesticide! This Type of Anti-pest treatment is Hygienic, Not Carcinogenic and Requires Monthly Frequency For Your Home!

Immediate Responsive, After Sales Service Support and Year Round Monitoring

For Immediate Response, Inspection, Pricing, Quote, Scheduling & Support Please Call to our @24/7 Customer Helpline 01988-300003, 01978-777-321, 01978-111-321, Our Expert Executive will contract you soon to meet your exact requirement at an affordable price with quality services!

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