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Government Approved Pest Control Company in Bangldesh

Urban Pest Control Ltd. is a Fully Government Approved Pest Control Company in Bangladesh and Trusted by More Than 10K Clients in Bangladesh! Having all the required Pest Control Policies to Operate Commercial Pest Control Services in Bangladesh!

Fire License Policy of Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Has Fire License from The Civil Defense of Bangladesh! One of the Policies of Urban Pest Control Ltd. from the Government of Bangladesh To Store Necessary Fumigants and Pesticides! Dhaka=36647

100% Pesticide Free Pest Control Services

Urban Pest Control Ltd. is the only one Pest Control Company in Bangladesh which is Strictly Anti-to use of Pesticides where it cover with it’s own Innovated Pest Control Appliances and Tools! You can avail 100% pesticide free Pest control services from Urban Pest Control Ltd. for the time we are offering this strategies in Bangladesh! We apply the 100% Alternatives to toxic pesticides Pest Control Services, because we apply pesticide free own innovated pest control technologies and physical pest control methods for commercial, Industrial and residential pest control services  which are environmentally-friendly, reliable , residue free, International Standard,  Experienced Entomologist’s Planed, demonstrated and supervised! We can demonstrate any kind Insect Traps, Rodent Bait Station, Industrial Demonstrable Light traps, Light Attractive Insect Controlling Traps, Roda Box, Application of Fumigants in Safe ways! These are 100% Alternatives to use of Toxic Pesticides!

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