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Termite Control

The biggest investment in your life is your valuable home which can be attacked by Termite and can cause irreparable damage to the home! To get rid of this evil pest, you need to take a protective system that will provide long-term protection from the attack of your precious house. Termite is one of the most destructive structural pests in the world. Every home from city to village is affected by Termite in the context of Bangladesh. Long-term protection measures against this destructive insect are unknown to many of us in Bangladesh. Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. has been providing long-term Termite Control services to get rid of this harmful insect damage throughout the entire Bangladesh. It is a reputable joint venture paste control company approved by the Bangladesh government. This service is managed by an experienced Entomologist, skilled technician Team and environmentally-friendly, Long-Term Effective Anti-Termite Pesticide.

আপনার জীবন এর সবচেয়ে বড় বিনিয়োগ হল আপনার মুল্যবান বাড়ি যা উইপোকা দ্বারা আক্রান্ত হতে পারে এবং বাড়ির অপূরণীয় ক্ষতি করতে পারে!এই অনিষ্টকারী বালাই থেকে মুক্তি পাওয়ার জন্য প্রতিরক্ষামূলক ব্যবস্থার নিতে হবে যা আপনার মুল্যবান বাড়িটিকে উইপোকার আক্রমন থেকে দীর্ঘ মেয়াদী সুরক্ষা দিবে। উইপোকা হলো বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে ক্ষতিকারক একটি বালাই। বাংলাদেশের প্রেক্ষাপটে শহর থেকে গ্রাম পর্যন্ত প্রতিটি বাড়িই উইপোকা দ্বারা আক্রান্ত হয়ে থাকে। এই অনিষ্টকারী পোকার ক্ষতি থেকে দীর্ঘ মেয়াদী সুরক্ষা ব্যবস্থা অনেকের কাছেই অজানা। এই অনিষ্টকারী পোকার ক্ষতি থেকে মুক্তির জন্য আরবান পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল প্রাঃ লিঃ দীর্ঘ মেয়াদী সেবা প্রদান করে আসছে। এটি বাংলাদেশ সরকার অনুমোদিত একটি স্বনামধন্য Joint Venture পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল কোম্পানি। এই সেবাটি অভিজ্ঞ কীটতত্ত্ববিদ, দক্ষ টেকনিশিয়ান এবং পরিবেশ বান্ধব দীর্ঘ মেয়াদী কার্যকরী Anti-termite Pesticide দিয়ে পরিচালিত|

Most Destructive Pest in the world is Termite! Termite is Commonly Known as to Bangladeshi Mass as-উই! It has three caste name as Queen large in size, having reproductive capability-fertile, Solders an Workers one of the most dominating social insect in the world!

Habit, Habitats and Economic Importance:

Mainly feeds on cellose, they source they food content in Your Home, Structural Foundation, Warehouse, Store Room, Godown, Library, Book Shelf, Cloth Shelf, Valuable Paper Made Storage  and Wooden Furniture is a biggest investment if these kept in untreated Termite might damage without notify you! There are nearly 15 known termite species in Bangladesh and more than 2,600 worldwide. However, when termites invade homes, they become major pests and cause an estimated $5 billion dollars in damages in the Bangladesh each year. Billions more are spent on termite prevention and treatment, making them the most economically significant wood-destroying organisms in the Bangladesh.

Prevention and Protection against termite:

Prevention is the main key to protect your structural properties against this pest. You may avail termite bait station from from Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. to target queen, It is important to have annual inspections. Early discovery provides you a head start in solving this problem. Termite Treatment needs to conduct at two stages for building one is call Termite Proofing Service which needs to be conduct at the beginning of a building construction called pre-construction anti-termite treatment and another is called Post-construction it need be conduct when a building is invaded by Most Destructive Structural pest Termites! According to monitoring reports in Bangladesh among five building four must be invaded by this Most destructive Pest so this let know that how much it is necessary to have anti-termite treatment service from biggest investment. ! There Two types of Termite-

  1. Subterranean Termite requires soils contact
  2. Dry wood termite don’t requires soil contacts

Dry Wood Termite Treatment Measures by-Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

  • Dry wood Termite is preventive if wood or furniture is termite resistant or treated with Anti-termite pesticides if infested than must be treated with Approved Termite Control Pesticides and It is recommended that every valuable wooden furniture should inspect on regular basis or take treatment from Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Termite treatment Measures by Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

Procedure ( Pre-Construction anti-termite Treatment Service by Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Pre-construction Activities
    • Base soil treatment with efficient and durable anti-termite chemical at recommended ratio of water and chemical.

    Construction Activities

    • During the construction a specific dosage of anti-termite chemical must be added with concreate.

    Trench around the Foundation Wall

    • Make a trench with 350mm width by 150mm depth along the perimeter of the foundation.
    • A solution of Approved Anti-termite pesticides diluted with water at a rate of 1:19 Liter have to be sprayed with an application rate of 5 -6 Liter per linear meter in the trench along the perimeter of the foundation by forming three layer of concrete sands.
    • The trench shall be back filled within 24 hours of treatment.


    Recommended Ratio of  Anti-termite Pesticides and water-by Urban Pest Control Ltd.

    To totally prevent termite attack in the pre-construction stages, Urban Pest Control Ltd. Provided Service Solution should be spray applied or poured as follows:

    Name of the Pesticide: Termidor  Solution Ratio : 1:19 Liter (Pesticide: Water) Requirement of Pesticide: 0.25 Liter /SFT

    » Foundation pits – Use 5 liters for 10 sq. feet

    » Both sides of foundation wall – 5 liters for 10 feet long

    » Earth filling- 5 liters for 10 sq. feet

Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment Measures by Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. professionals knows that all the  homes are the same. Our termite control experts have been trained to “think like a bug” in order to best understand and eliminate your pest problem. Your Urban Pest Control Ltd. specialist will inspect all the possible invading points

We will provide you a customized and individualized assessment and treatment plan. We can help you get rid of termites regardless of your home’s construction at reasonable price!

Traditional Methods by-Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Main Factors of Other Than Wood That Attract Termites

Termites location unit idea to completely be interested in timber but that’s not the case. There region unit several things for your homes which can entice them. Knowing  anywhere to searching for out them and the way to stop them from coming back into your home is crucial.


Termite Control Service in Bangladesh by Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. is the most popular brand in Anti-termite Treatment having at least 10k happy clients enjoying a termite free home and trades and well reputed  company in Bangladesh.

General Termite Treatment measures by Urban Pest Control Ltd.

  • Perimeter Drilling
  • Perimeter Digging
  • Switch Board Fumigation/ Foaming
  • Customized Pesticides Spraying
  • Spot treatment
  • Cracks and crevices treatment
  • Wall Fractures Treatment
  • False Ceiling/ Roof Treatment
  • Waterlines Perimeter Drilling and Treatment
  • Floor Treatment.
  • Wooden Furniture Treatment
  • Windows and Doors treatment
  • Floor tiles treatment
  • Wall and Columns side and and base treatment
  • Keeping follow up for free
  • Year-round Monitoring and Support
  • Termite Bait Traps Installation (New in Bangladesh)


Our Total Termite Protection Plan is the most innovative and complete termite protection plan offered in the Bangladesh at competitive price that are durable efficient and environmentally-friendly. We combine a variety of control techniques into a single, comprehensive  and effective treatment program. It safeguards your home from termites by focusing on both the soil and the structure. Combining above and below- ground treatments provide you with the most complete and thorough protection. Treatment areas include attics, eaves, walls, windows, doors, plumbing pipes, foundations, and slabs. We diagnose your individual needs and provide a customized solution. While most termite control companies only provide your home with protection against one type of termite, our Total Termite Protection Plan is effective against any and all termites. You can feel secure in knowing you are buying the best protection available. We put our money where our mouse is. Qualified homes can take advantage of our $1 million guarantee.

How do we do it? Urban Pest Control Ltd.s comprehensive Total Termite Protection Plan covers your home’s interior, exterior, and foundation, eliminating any opportunities for termites to persist in and around your home. Our trained professionals can treat for termites in hard-to-reach places like wall voids and moldings. Since we treat the interiors, exteriors, and everywhere in between, we go above and beyond to provide you with termite control where other methods fail. in the interior, Urban Pest Control Ltd. treats bath taps and plumbing, slab cracks/expansion joints, garage expansion joints, and direct active infestation. Exterior treatment includes wood privacy fences, dead tree stumps, landscape timber, and preventative exterior treatments as needed. In your home’s foundation, Urban Pest Control Ltd. will treat the crawlspace foundation, the crawlspace pier, as well as the foundation void. Our competitors don’t treat any of these common termite-hiding places. The application technology makes the difference. We have several non-invasive application methods to provide you with comprehensive treatment to safely protect you and your family. For finished surfaces: Urban Pest Control Ltd. methods penetrate through and follow wood imperfections that are barely visible. Active ingredients mix with water as a propellant. Next, high-pressure air forces the mixture deep into cracks and crevices, getting deep inside doors and window jambs, sills, and moldings. For interior voids: the high-pressure mister. We use a high-pressure mister to treat your attics and wall voids by covering surfaces of unfinished wood. Active ingredients are mixed with high-pressure water to create small droplets for full coverage. Smaller droplets allow us to apply more ingredients in more places. For soil treatments: liquid treatments. Urban Pest Control Ltd. protects your home inside and out. As part of our comprehensive treatment plan, we treat the soil near and under your home. We apply liquid treatments in trenches or drillings to protect foundations, slabs, and tub traps. For under-slab protection, the difference is in the injection rods. Our thin-walled, lightweight stainless steel rod injection system makes the entire under-slab process less intrusive while still effectively delivering our trusted treatment. The new injection rods are smaller (¼-inch – about the size of a pen) – constructed of thin-walled, lightweight stainless steel – provide comprehensive 360- degree coverage, and an improved flow rate. Instead of using a single flood tip that limits application to just the end of the rod, the multi-directional tip uses six to eight holes around the rod. This modern application method is less invasive, provides a more complete application, in a shorter amount of time – saving you time and money. For example, an average- sized -home with a supported slab treatment would receive about 200 gallons of treatment on both the inside and outside of the foundation as well as into block voids.

Termite Bait System ( Soil Monitoring System & Structural Monitoring System)

This Process is 100% alternatives to Conventional and Traditional Termite Control Strategies, You may call it 100% alternatives to Toxic pesticides, 100% Safe for home, kids, pets, health and environment!

Termite Baiting System is a designed to protect Structural Properties from termites through monitoring and baiting when termites are found to be active in the wooden structures. Target sites for station placement include buildings, fences, utility poles, decking, landscape plantings and trees or other features which could be damaged by termite feeding and foraging activity.

Using the Termite Baiting System consists of three steps:

  1. Monitoring for termite activity at the perimeter of infested building
  2. When termite activity is detected replacing the wood monitors with Shatter Termite Bait.
  3. Resuming monitoring with wood monitors when termite activity has stopped.
  4. Installing Termite Bait Stations at ground and Structures where the termite invaded!



  • The ultra-low disturbance bait system design features a dual stage interior
  • Termite Monitoring Base (TMB) remains in place
  • Only Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) is removed
  • Termites remain in the Termite Bait Monitoring Stations and continue to feed on bait after TIC is removed
  • Less disturbance = greater bait load to the colony
  • Eradicate entire termite colony of a building!

If you having any Termite Invasion into your loving home, trades then Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Has the environment, kid, pet friendly safe solutions instead of hampering your home, kid, pets, furniture and health. Our Service operated after Proper inspection, discussion with clients in details, proper planing, Preparatory Instruction to home and trade owner Instruction  to Technician Team!  Call Now Helpline Cell Number 01978-777-321


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