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When it comes to Industrial Pest Control-In Food Processing, Factory And Trades Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Has Specific Programs Designed To Safeguard The Quality Of Your Product And Brand. We Understand The Regulatory Requirements Of Third Party Auditing Entities Such As Compliance And The Pressure Of A Low Pest Tolerance Placed On Food Processors And Their Staff. That Is Why We Work With Our Customers To Ensure That Their Facilities Are Protected Every Step Of The Way.

Once A Plan Is Designed, Written, And Approved, We Deploy All Of Our Resources To Implement, Train, And Monitor The Program, And Suggest Corrective Actions If Issues Arise. Within Our Program, We Provide CAD Site Diagrams With Device Locations, Training And Badging Backup Personnel, Approval Of Final Report Template, And Many Other Items. We Work For And With Your Team To Exceed Your Expectations.

Your Specially Trained Service Technician And His Supervisor Are Food And Compliance Specialists. They Are Well-Trained And Experienced With Commercial Pest Control In Food Processing Plants, Factories And Industries. Here Are Just A Few Of Our Team’s Certifications:

  • Phd Entomologist-Rajshahi University

  • Professor-Department Of Zoology, Rajshahi University

  • Applied Entomologist –Rajshahi Univerisity

  • Associate Certified Entomologist (A.C.E.)

  • Civil Engineers

  • MBBS, Medical Officer

  • Pest Management In Food Plants

  • Quality pro Food Safety

  • Rajshahi University Urban Pest Management

  • Rajshahi University Crop Protection

  • Rajshahi University Entomology

  • Pest Control Training University Of Rajshahi

  • Industrial Hygiene Study University Of Rajshahi

  • Project On Insect Modeling, University Of Rajshahi

  • Study On Forensic Entomology-Rajshahi University

  • Study On Civil Engineering

  • Study On Business Administration

  • Thesis on “Effects of Herbal Extracts on Household Pests”- Dept. Of Zoology, University Of Rajshahi.

Regulations and legislations followed by urban pest control Pvt. ltd.

  • Accreditation from Government of the People Republic of Bangladesh.

  • Urban Pest Control Ltd. Handle only Public Health Pesticides Not Argo Pesticides.

  • Our Services, Appliances and Products are HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Point) Compliant.

  • We use the Most Effective Pest Control Appliances, Techs, Safe Application Methodologies, Organic/ Botanical Harmless Pesticides, Or WHO Approved Public Health Pesticides and Optimum Lethal Dose and Alternatives Ways to Inorganic Toxic Pesticides That Let You to Justify us That We are Harmless For Your Health, Kid, Interior, Exterior, Trade, Environment.

  • Pest Control Safety Measures for Foods, Public Health, Lives, Environment, eco-system and biodiversity.

  • Permission from Directorate Of Health Government of The people Republic of Banglaesh

  • Public Health Pesticides Evaluation and Accessibility

  • World Health Organization

  • Chemical Safety

  • Technical Data Assessment For Urban Pest Management

  • Technical Data Sheet Assessment for Food Industry Pest Management in Safe and Healthy Ways like Zero Expose of any pesticides on foods!

  • Modeling Pest Management Plans and Application

  • Research Based Proven Safe Pest Control Appliances and Public Health Pesticides!

  • Evaluation and Assessment of Pesticide’s Data Sheets

  • Evaluation and Assessment the lethal Dose(LD50) and Lethal Concentration(LC50) of Public Health Pesticides

  • Training on Public Health pesticides Handling and Application

  • Innovative Researches are going on to discover alternatives to toxic pest control measures!

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

  • Providing Regular Training to Technicians

  • Adoption of all the necessary Pest Control Safety Measures and Appliances.

Documentation & Reporting

Our Team Will Use A Variety Of Tools For Inspection, Identification, Treatment, And Communication With You And Your Staff.  During Regular Visits, Our Pest Control Professionals Electronically Record Signs, Levels, Types And Locations Of Pest Activity, Along With The Treatment Technique And Products Used.  This Data Is Collected And Analyzed Continuously To Determine Trends And Identify Priority Areas. As You Prepare For An Audit, We’re Right There Beside You Making Sure You Have All Of The Required Documentation To Surpass Auditing Standards. Working Closely With Customers And Their Vendors Is Critical To Ensuring Product Integrity. Industrial Pest Management Is A Necessary Part Of Quality Control And Compliance Department Of Industries. Without Having Pest Management Services Longtime Reputation In The Market Of Your Products And Brand Might Bear High Level Of Trade Risks.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. Is Complete Company And Most Wanted Pest Control Brand In The Industrial And Food Processing Plants And Operating Safe And Hygiene Pest Control Services All Over The Bangladesh. More Then 500+ Garments, Pharmaceuticals. Foods, Textiles, Plastic, Home Owners, Properties, Factories, Restaurants, Institutes Having Our Pest Management Services On Regular Basis. We Have Achieved The Top Most Brand Of Pest Management In Bangladesh And Possessing The Highest Degree Of Reputation Too Since 2013.

The presence of pests in Industry and in any food handling premises is unacceptable. The risks posed by pests includes following threats:

  • The spread of disease – pathogens are transferred from the gut or external surface of the pest

  • Damage to property

  • Contamination of work surfaces and foodstuffs

  • Adverse public opinion and loss of reputation

  • Prosecution and closure

  • Poor staff relations.

  • Business fall

  • Might be epidemic

  • Business image damage

  • Profit loss

  • Unhygienic interior

  • Loss of reputation

Common Industrial Pest:

  • Rodent – Rat & Mice, Weasel, Squirrel Etc.

  • Light Attractive Insects

  • Cockroach

  • Silver fish

  • Bed Bugs

  • Flies

  • Bugs

  • Weevils

  • Beetles

  • Moths

  • Grasshoppers

  • Centipede

  • Millipede

  • Caterpillar Larvae

  • Mosquitoes

  • Termites

  • Hoppers

  • Snakes

  • Lizard

  • Ants

  • Spider Etc.

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Apply The Most Efficient And Durable Pest Control Measures At First Choose The Alternative Ways To Use Toxic Pesticides At HACCP Only. Which Falls Zero Residual Effects on Food Content? This will let you to justify that how much we care about your trade environment and product safety. We Have Classified The Pest Groups.

  •  Cockroach and Crawling Insect: Cockroach, Ants, Bed Bugs, Spider, Centipede, Termites Etc.

  • Mosquitoes and Flaying Insects: Mosquitoes, House Flies, Drain Flies, Hoppers, Mosquitoes Etc.

  • Bird, Rodent And Lizard: Pest Birds, Rat, Mice, Frog, Moles Etc

  • Snake: All Kinds Of Poisonous And Non-Poisonous Snakes

Measures To Manage Industrial Pest:

  • Design Modeling of Pest Control Methodologies:

  • Interior Pest Nesting Site Spot Treatments with botanical and odorless pesticides

  • Plugging Crack Treatments.

  • Residual and Non-residual spraying

  • Cold Fogging

  • ULV fogging

  • Formaldyhide fogging

  • Aluminum Phosphide Fogging

  • Baiting

  • Traping

  • Vaccumming

  • Steaming

  • Sealing pest Entry Points

  • Installing Our Own Innovated Paper Glue Board

  • Installing Our Own Innovated Light Traps

  • Premises Insecticidal Sterilization

  • Regular Fumigation Can Prohibit entering the mosquito or others flying insects.

  • Monitoring Report preparation

  • Utilizing the most efficient modern Urban Pest Control Appliances.

  • Pest’s Nesting Site Damaging with pesticides or Aluminum Phosphide Fumigants

Insect Proofing Measures Of Industy:

  • Netting

  • Light profiling

  • Coloring

  • Installing Insect Light Traps

  • Insect Repelling Exterior Lighting

  • Chemical Treatment by Botanical Pesticides or Public Health Pestides

  • Fumigation

  • Spot treatment

  • Nesting Or Breeding site damaging or Treatment.

  • Evaluation

  • Continuous assessment and follow up

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Documentation


Bird Proofing Measures:

  • Automated Bird Scaring Sound Production

  • Installing Bird Spike

  • Installing Bird Repelling Structure

  • Continuous assessment and follow up

  • Evaluation

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Documentation

Crawling Insect Control Measures:

  • General Pesticides Spray

  • Exclusive Gel Treatment

  • Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation system

  • Installing Exterminator Paper Traps

  • Residual and Non-residual spraying

  • Chemical Treatment by Botanical Pesticides or Public Health Pestides

  • Fumigation

  • Spot treatment

  • Nesting Or Breeding site damaging or Treatment.

  • Evaluation

  • Continuous assessment and follow up

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Documentation

Best Practices for Industrial Light Attractive insects:

  • Light Profiling

  • Coloring

  • Sealing

  • Entry management

  • Entry Vestibule Forming

  • Air Cutter Installing at entries

  • Installing Industrial Proper Ventialation

  • Maintenance of moisture and temperature inside the factory

Rodent Control Methods:

  • Rodent Hole Fumigation

  • Rodent Baiting Traps Installation

  • Rodent Exterminator Glue Board Traps Installation

  • Rodabox Installation

  • Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation system

  • Chemical Treatment by Botanical Pesticides or Public Health Pestides

  • Fumigation

  • Spot treatment

  • Nesting Or Breeding site damaging or Treatment.

  • Continuous assessment and follow up

  • Evaluation

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Documentation

Snake Control Methods:

  • Attempt For Controlling Rodent

  • Sealed Fumigation (If Infested Rooms)

  • Herbicides Spraying

  • Snake Repelling Tube Installing

  • Snake Exterminator Paper Glue Board Installing

  • Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation system

  • Chemical Treatment by Botanical Pesticides or Public Health Pestides

  • Continuous assessment and follow up

  • Fumigation

  • Spot treatment

  • Nesting Or Breeding site damaging or Treatment.

  • Evaluation

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Documentation

Behavior and Training Program for stuff:

  • Regular training program for stuff on feeding behavior inside the factory for better hygiene condition inside the factory.

If you are facing any problem from pest in your industry then Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Is the right choice for industrial Pest Management. Please call us-01978111321


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