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Anti-Cockroach Treatment

Based on fossil records, cockroaches have remained little changed for 200 million years. There are over 4000 different species of cockroaches worldwide – not all are regarded as pests. Those species, which are now classed as pests originated in tropical climates but have now become cosmopolitan in temperate zones, having been distributed by commercial activities. Common cockroach species

Common Species

The cockroach species commonly found in the Bangladesh are:

Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

German cockroach (Blattella germanica)

Brown-banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa)

American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae)

Egg case (oothecae) development in cockroaches

Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) The female Oriental cockroaches carry the oothecae for about 30 hours, after which time she deposits them, dropping or attaching them near to a food source. Each ootheca contains 16 eggs which hatch in approximately six weeks, but this period may be greatly 23 extended in cool conditions. In this situation the egg case represents a biological time bomb waiting to hatch and continue an infestation.

German cockroach (Blattella germanica) The ootheca, containing 35-40 eggs, is carried by the female until it is within one to two days of hatching. Small 1st instar nymphs emerge from the ootheca and easily infest tiny cracks and crevices in the immediate area.

American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) The female deposits oothecae a few hours or up to 4 days before the 1st instars emerge. The ootheca, containing 10-15 eggs, is dropped or glued to a suitable surface, usually in a pocket of high humidity near a food source.

Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae) The female cockroach deposits the egg case containing around 16 eggs which hatch after a period of approximately 80 days

General Biology and Behaviour

Cockroaches are omnivorous. In addition to conventional foodstuffs, they will feed on a wide range of organic matter including other cockroaches. Their activity peaks during hours of darkness. They exhibit incomplete metamorphosis; the juvenile stages or nymphs resemble the adults. Each cockroach molts several times in its life cycle producing a larger nymph and eventually molting to the adult stage. Some species are fully winged in the adults, others may have reduced wings or wing buds. When wings are present, they are leathery and veined. The females of those cockroaches classed as pests all produce egg cases or oothecae, which contain eggs, which hatch inside the case from which nymphal cockroaches emerge. During the daytime, cockroaches spend most of their time in harborages grouped together. This behavior is influenced by them finding the same suitable harborage. They also produce an aggregation pheromone, which is a chemical messenger to other cockroaches of the same species, who respond by being attracted to the source of the pheromone. As this pheromone is present in cockroach faces, cockroaches will also be attracted to areas previously contaminated by cockroaches. The development of cockroaches

Problems associated with Cockroaches

Cockroaches foul their environment with faces, regurgitated food and they taint materials with their characteristic smell. The air in infested premises may contain fragments of their exoskeletons and cockroach excrement. Cockroaches also contaminate food directly as they move from filth to food indiscriminately and are therefore implicated in the mechanical transmission of many pathogens, such as those causing food poisoning and wound infections. Because residual allergens can remain as active contaminants for some time following a treatment, a thorough cleaning regime should be carried out afterwards. Cockroaches is not only contaminate foods but also a nuisances, destructive pest too! American cockroach some time use to feed on human hairs and even damages valuable cloths items! is affected by food quality, humidity, temperature, and day length.

Diseases carried by Cockroaches-

  • Diarrhea

  • Dysentery

  • Cholera

  • Leprosy

  • Plague

  • Typhoid fever

  • Viral Diseases such as Poliomyelitis.

Anti-cockroach Treatment Measures by Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. Cockroach Treatment Measures cover all the races of cockroaches, Cockroaches mainly build their nesting sites in kitchen where the oil is accumulated and moisture is available and cooking contents is available in the home, restaurant or office. We conduct experiments on controlling cockroaches by completely alternatives to pesticides. However the integration of our following treatments measures, Planning, and procedures  will keep home Cockroaches free up to one year as provide 6 month of warrantee for cockroaches control service.

  • General Pesticides Spraying

  • Customized Pesticides Spraying

  • Cockroach Killer Gel Treatment

  • Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation

  • General Fumigation

  • Poisonous Baiting

Customer Health, Business, Interior, Products and Pet Safety

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. give priority to clients health, interior and pet animal safety first, The pest control pesticides, appliances, strategies are applied by the technicians at Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. is 100%, natural, encapsulated,100% odorless, botanical and registered as Public Health Pesticide finished and premium in quality!

If you having Cockroach problem then Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Has the safe solutions instead of hampering your home, trade, interior, products and health for 6 Month of Money Back Guarantee for home, 1 month of guarantee for commercial sites. Please call us. 01978-777-321


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