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What is Urban Pest?

What is Pest?

A destructive, Disease Forming, Nuisance, Pathogen Carrier, Vector Organism or Pollutants, insects or other pest animals (Specially Bed Bugs, Cockroach, Rodents, Mites, Flea, Human Lice, Termites, Ticks, Flies, Birds,  that infest and causes damages human health, Properties, Products, crops, food, livestock, etc. called Pest according to Urban Pest Control Ltd.

An Annoying Things and any could be recognized as pest which interferes with human life!

What is Urban Pest?

Urban Pests means which organisms and Insects exhibits in urban habitats, environments, commercial sites, industries and impact negatively in a detrimental and destructive ways, Such as causing diseases, spreading parasites, and pathogens, invading building, damaging, contaminating and consuming in businesses and house, causing Irritating bites and feeding on the human blood!  expansion of urban area and decreasing of natural habitats!


Urban Life style and Wasteful areas in Bangladesh, Making Urban Pest’s Suitable habitats of many well-known Urban Pests such as Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Termites, Rodents, Mite, Flea, Flies, Spiders, Pest Birds, Wall Lizards, Snakes etc. are the main population of Urban Pest! The Diversity Urban Pest in Bangladesh will not be more than 25!

Why Need Urban Pest Control on Regular Basis?

Sneakily creeping and crawling behind furniture and secretly invading your buildings to your utter dismay, pest can easily put a damper on joyful habitats. Although seemingly harmless, might bear high health risk, the invasion by these tiny organisms is a serious concern to lead a healthy life style in Urban Area!

Fighting these breeding critters and ridding your home of them can simply be a plain nightmare!

So, how can we be triumphant in this war against the creeper insurgence?  When a repellent just will not serve the purpose, street pesticides will not meet desires!

Pest Control Services from Urban Life Style from Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. Is accredited to operate commercial pest control services in Urban Areas in Bangladesh! It Provides Integrated and Responsive Urban Pest management Services which are international standard and assured and guaranteed, having year-round follow up and supports.

Urban Pest Control Ltd. Provides the following pest control services in Urban Life Style which are residual effects free, long lasting, efficient, home and pet friendly, hazardous effect free!

  1. Cockroaches Control Service ( one year guaranteed)
  2. Bed Bugs Treatment One Year Guaranteed
  3. Household Termite Control Services,
  4. Rodent Control Service,
  5. Flea and Mite Control Service
  6. Ant Control Services
  7. Mosquito Control Services
  8. Fumigation Service
  9. Facility Treatment Service etc

Commercial Pest Control Services in Bangladesh from Urban Pest Control Ltd.

As the largest commercial pest control company, Urban Pest Control Ltd. Is Able to Protect Your Brand Reputation and operation on International Scale!

  • Food Safety for hotels and restaurants
  • Pest Control for Garment industries
  • Pest Control for Food Processing Plants
  • Pest Control for Food Retails
  • Pest Control Hospitals
  • Pest Control for Hotels
  • Pest Control super shops
  • Pest Control for Aircrafts
  • Pest Control for Warehouse
  • Pest control for house
  • Pest control for Godown
  • Pest Control for Facility management services
  • Pest Control Consultancy
  • Hygiene Management
  • Industrial Hygiene Audit and Compliance requirements
  • Pest control and fumigation service for Ships and Cargo
  • Container fumigation
  • Environmental Pest control services



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