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Must Be Informed Before Availing Pest Control

Before hiring an Exterminator from a Pest Control Firm for Your Pest issuesMust be Informed about that firm before availing your service!  Is it Bangladesh Government Approved or Not! If has no pest control license than avoid it! Because govt. Authorities don’t provide any commercial pest control license without having proper pest control expertness, real registered pest control office, Expert Pest Control Team, Fire license, appointed MBBS doctor, Applied Entomologist, Proper, Management Team, Proper Pest Control Appliances, Alternatives to Toxic Pesticides in Urban Pest Management! Don’t call the online activist who are offering professional pest control service without having Govt. Pest Control License & has no Alternative ways to toxic pesticides in Urban Pest Management, They might fall you in dangerous and carcinogenic environment by the application of hazardous, carcinogenic toxic pesticides!  Your health, kids, Family Members, Pet animals, environment, trades, product, foods, industries, property is Your happiness!

In the competitive Market of pest control industry everyone demand peace in mind by satisfactory services from an authorized pest control company! This content is intentionally published to create public awareness and Mass Health Safety on how some one will be able to verify a real and trusted pest control company in Bangladesh for the ultimate protection and international standard supports and services in Eco-friendly and safe ways  for their health, trades, industries, products, property and business environment!

What kind of pest control policies must have a pest control company?

A pest control operator company must have Government policies or licenses! Commercial Pest Control and Fumigation Service is very much risky and Complicated issue! When you are availing these kind of pest control and fumigation services from any pest control companies for your sweet home, health, trades, environment and Industries you must have to verify the pest control company policies! Having the following criteria will make you sure that your are dealing with a Best Pest Control Company! A best pest control Company always responsive, careful, supportive, bear liabilities, provide after sales service, strong management team and give the priority of  client’s health, property, environment and trade safety!

A Registered and Reputed Pest Control Company  must have the following policies-

  1. If Joint Venture then Company Must have Registration Number, Certificate, Article of Memorandum and Bank Regulation.

  2. Trade License Policy Number from the City Corporation

  3. Pest Control Policy Number from National Plant Protection Wing, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh

  4. Fire License Policy Number from Government of the People, Republic of Bangladesh.

  5. Vat License

  6. Having Certified Expert Applied Entomologist from Reputed Public University, Having Research work on Urban Pest Management.

  7. Expert and Well Trained Technician Team

  8. Office Management Team

  9. Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

  10. LC (Letter of Credit)

  11. Neccessary and Updated Pest Control Appliances such- All Kinds of Sprayers, Fogger, Termite Bait Station, Pheromone Traps, Light Traps, Huge stock of Necessary Fumigant, Rodent Bait Staion, Consultancy Expertise, Certificate Issuing Authorization of Pest Control and Fumigation!

  12. Registered offices, Branch offices.

  13. Expert Sale Executives

  14. Innovative in discovery of Pest Control Technologies which are standard and Alternatives to Toxic Pesticides.

  15. Unlimited international Source of Necessary Public Health Pesticides and Pest Control Appliances

  16. Appliances and Technologies which are Alternatives to toxic pesticides

  17. Finally deal careful that you are not avail from any unauthorized institutes and individuals

  18. You may require the photocopy of pest control license from Ministry of Agriculture before ordering or availing your pest control service!

In Bangladesh there is no government monitoring system that’s why some dishonest online activists offering attractive pest control services at low cost which are non-standard, unauthorized, you might be cheated, fall in health ristk,  be careful and stay away from these type fraudulence! Firstly Demonstrate the company you are dealing with and verify wisely! BE SAFE and KEEP SAFE Your Health, Property, Trades, Environment and Industries!

Thanks and Best Regards!

Md. Abdul Momin

Managing Director

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

In this case Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. will meet your all the requirementsform for your household, commercial and industrial pest control and fumigation service needs! You may scan QR Code check in Out about Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.


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