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Where Pest Control is Suggested in Bangladesh?

Any Pest is sightings on Aeroplanes, Living Home, Structural Properties, Restaurants’, Commercial Sides, Public Transports, Warehouse, Godwon, Environment, Crop, Food Processing Industries, Garments Industries anywhere around us where pest develop their nesting sites strongly require regular pest inspection and management in healthy ways! May people even they do not aware about it that what is pest control? Most of the people do it by the local materials which are not efficient and environmentally friendly. In Bangladesh even do not be surprised that some serious pathogen carrier pest like rodents, cockroaches, mites, flea, house-fly and mosquito is living very close to them!

While Most of the people use unhealthy and toxic insecticide to control their pest issues! it needs to go a step further and do a regular, eight-hour fumigation of everywhere to keep all the pest out!


“During monsoon season, the rats come out of their hiding places and they go inside buildings including the kitchens where food is prepared by airline caterers,” he said. “They later find their way inside planes through food trucks.”

“Cockroach is a serious in Dhaka city all most every site is infested with cockroach”

“Among Five Structural Construction Four Must Be Invaded with Most Destructive Structural Pest Termite in Bangladesh”

“There is no appropriate destruction regulation to sterilizing the breeding sites of Mosquito in Dhaka, Bangladesh”

“ 100% export-oriented industries are not having regular pest control measures that are why the count billion dollars to earn every year”

“All most every home and commercial site must be infested with Bedbug”


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